Why you should study in Itlay. Perks of being an International Student in Itlay.

In this article, we will discuss the perks of being an international student in Italy. As per my experience, I can assure you that you will have an amazing life as an international student. Many international students from Europe or Non-Europe comes to Italy for education. Hence, that creates an amazing international culture and will make you student life amazing let’s know why?

The first reason is, if you are are a person who loves to travel and loves to explore then Italy can be a great option because we get visa-free travel for 26 Schengen European Countries. In India it was normal for me, for something like this to happen but the perk is that you can travel visa-free to 26 countries travel from bus or train without any worry of taking a separate visa. For instance, I want to go to Spain, I can just book a bus or train and go even if I want to go to Switzerland, Netherlands, Paris or Hungary. So, you can travel countries and cut down the visa cost and travel easily through roadways as well waterways and airways too.

The second reason is, Erasmus Funding. It’s a program by which you can study a semester in another country free of cost. You’ll get funding from the European Commission to study a semester abroad. For example, I am going to Italy on a student visa, at an Italian public institution now, if I want to do the next semester from Germany or Spain then I’ll apply through the Erasmus Exchange program at a German University and I’ll get funding for that, like 800-2000 euros per month to study in another country. It is for the enhancement of the international student committee through cultural exchange like recently, my friend went to Spain for the semester study exchange and UK for the Internship and for both semester exchange and the internship you get the funding.

Third a very useful perk, you get a lot of discounts while being an international student in Italy. There are lot of monuments and museums if you’ll visit the museum you get the ticket at a discounted price. At zoo you can get a discount, at the book stores or libraries too, even at the restaurants and on the grocery delivery apps too so, there are many ways you can get the discount. The main transportation whenever you travel, you can use those apps that give student discounts to travel so, make sure to check them out before booking on all these things you’ll get the discount as an international student.

Fourth, opportunity is to learn a new language. This is a very important point when you’ll travel to different countries. You’ll learn the basic words of new languages there. As you’ll get a chance to learn Italian language in addition, you get opportunity to learn more new languages. Like in your class you get German or Spanish student. They teach you basics in their languages by learning language your intellectual view point increases.

And last but not the least zero percent tuition fees, Yes, there is a tuition fees, you have to pay around 1000 euros but that gets waived off if you get the scholarship 1000 euros in INR is somewhere around 80000-85000 which is comparatively low with that in Indian universities.

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