Why Study a Bachelors in Germany ?

For Studying abroad, every single one of us have to choose a specific country, I really like Germany because you have the education system very nicely put together as and you don’t have any kind of Tuition fee. You have really good universities. You have other international students joining in and the semester contribution is very less which is around 150 to 300 euros per semester and there’s no tuition fee whatsoever for Public universities.

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. It is the largest economy in Europe so of course like you have a lot of opportunities to work with different kind of important companies. The salaries are good. The job security is also there and you also have very good labour laws so there is no like hiring and firing culture. Now let’s talk about lifestyle. Of course the crime rates are much much lower when you compare with any other countries. The living expenses are very low. The cost of living in Washington DC are 44 percent higher than in Berlin.

Lets talk about permanent residency. You generally get your permanent residency after two years of studies. This is a special provision for the students who do their bachelor’s or master’s from any German University. After two years you get your permanent residency and after a total of eight years generally you get your citizenship.

For Bachelor’s, It is a bit more complicated than for Masters. The issue arises that in Germany you are having 13 year of school studies before you start your university but in India we know, we only have 12 years of school study and then afterwards we start our Bachelor’s, so how do you make up for that one extra year so there are different ways to do it if you’re doing IB or Cambridge both then of course you can directly apply to German universities without any kind of problems. You can start studying your Bachelor’s in Germany without any kind of problems.

When you’re applying to Studienkolleg, you need two main things which is the 12th marksheet and then your B1 or B2 certificate. Do you know, To study Bachelors in Germany, it’s important that you have your school education equivalent to German school education even if it’s not there is the option that you can take a preparatory College course that’s called Studienkolleg.

When you’re applying to Studienkolleg. You need two main things which is the 12th mark sheet and then your B1 or B2 certificate. This depends on what kind of course you’re applying to. So B1 or B2 and 12th mark sheet . Of course, your passport and stuff application form things like that these are normal but like these two are the main things then once you apply to a Studienkolleg, you get the invitation for an entrance exam or which is called an off number form now this could be done for private student colleague or public student colleague what we have seen is in general private student colleagues are a bit easier to get inside there are not so many like you know admission requirements and things like that and they generally also do not take, Any kind of entrance examinations which is very nice for the students for public student colleagues now the competition has increased heavily so you generally have to like you know work a lot harder to get inside a public student colleague but there’s no difference in the end so like if you’re going to a private student college which is affiliated to a university. You can still study in a normal university, after that this is not going to make a huge difference if you’re studying in a private student colleague or a public student colleague. There’s no difference whatsoever other than the prices that you’re going to pay and so on.

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