University of Hamburg Scholarship

The University of Hamburg offers merit scholarship to talented and Desiring students who want to obtain Masters and Doctoral degree programs. Several scholarships are available for different degree programs in various fields. You can find any field of your interest and start studying. All International students are eligible for applying to this scholarship.

These scholarships have many benefits for their winners so if you get a chance to study under any of the scholarship then you will get some of the benefits with different scholarships such as:

  1. Students who are enrolled in a PhD degree will receive a monthly scholarship of 850 Euro per Month.
  2. If the committee has sufficient funds the scholarship can extend to 1000 Euro per month.
  3. If you successfully study, your scholarship amount can increase for up to three years.
  4. In some cases travel cost is also covered by the host Institute.
  5. You will also attend free language courses internship and Technical courses.
  6. A chance to explore Germany.
  7. It is a bright and golden chance for all International candidates to develop career opportunities in Germany.

The students who wish to obtain admission to the University of Hamburg under scholarship are requested to go through the following criteria:

  1. All International candidates are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  2. Before applying you must study at the University of Hamburg in a relevant degree program for at least two semester.
  3. All applicants must ensure they are not entitled or subject to federal student loan programs.
  4. All applicants must present good academic qualifications and record.
  5. Students are not allowed to leave the country while they are on scholarship

In order to apply for the scholarship, you need some documents:

  1. You’ll be needing a detailed curriculum Vita or a resume.
  2. You will need a motivation letter or statement of purpose.
  3. You also need your academic records meaning that your degree certificates if you are applying to Masters then you will need your bachelor certificate and if you are applying for the PHD program then you will need your masters degree and also you will need your transcripts similarly for Masters you will need your honours transcript and for PhD you need your Master’s transcript
  4. You will also need a proof of resident-ship, while applying for the scholarship.
  5. You will also require two letter of recommendation from your professors in order to apply for the scholarship.

You can apply for the University of Hamburg scholarship by following the given steps:

  1. To begin with you must enrol for a degree program at the University of Hamburg in addition you will become eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  2. You need to create an account on the Stein portal and register yourself for the desired program.
  3. You need to upload all the required documents and apply.
  4. Once you are registered you will be redirected to the application form then you have to complete all the required fields and complete the form properly the application deadline varies depending on the program in which you are going to apply.

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