Top reasons to do Masters from Germany

I’m sure you have this question in your mind that from where you should do your masters. I’m going to bring top five reasons, why you should consider to do masters from Germany.

  • First and most important reason is the tuition fee so in germany, normally Public universities don’t have any tuition fee. They just have a administration charges which is bare minimum. I would say in some universities you’re going to pay 150 to 200 euros which is nothing, in that you also get a transportation ticket in which you can roam around in the city. The administration fee ranges from let’s say 150 euros up till 1600 euros which is also recently introduced so even if you pay 1500 euros it’s also not much if you compare it to some other countries like USA or UK or Australia.
  • The second point is quality of education as you might already know the Germany is land of invention that means people here are practical study is also quite practical that means you will be studying in a practical oriented way. Some of the exams gonna be open book exams which was such a big surprise for me that you don’t have to bug up the things for your exam you basically could carry a complete book with you in the exams when you study in a practical oriented way of course it gonna help you to fetch a job. whenever you’re gonna apply for internships or let’s say master thesis you will realise that your study will help you a lot because you were studying as if you are doing a job that’s the biggest plus point while studying in Germany.
  • Third point is part-time jobs while studying as a student of course you want to fund your studies and also your monthly expenses which you have to pay here in Germany as soon as you land here you’re gonna think about where should i get a job and all so Germany is really supportive in that as per law students are allowed 80 hours per month even while semester is running so which means you can easily fund your monthly expenses whenever you are coming to Germany just to add to that point whenever you come to Germany you basically have a blocked account and so on and you have a fixed deposit amount in that particular account so if you start working as a student, I’m sure at the end of the year you will have a decent amount to show for the next year visa as well.
  • The fourth point is you get a 18 month job search visa after you complete your master’s at the end of the masters you gonna look for a job while completing your masters if you have not found a job then Germany is giving you 18 months so in some scenarios students don’t find the job is going to need some time to look for a job and in some other countries. I’ve heard that you just get three months to look for a job but in Germany you’re gonna get complete 18 months on your own to look for a job and even that duration you are allowed to work and to fund your monthly expenses so I’m sure that is also a very good point to consider Germany.
  • The fifth point is getting a PR in Germany you are a student and you are coming to a foreign country of course you have some plans in your mind and you want to settle down in that particular place and for that you need a PR which is permanent residency. In Germany it’s called neither lasso or loudness you have two options to get a PR first one is 21 months plus B1 level of German language and the second option is 33 months plus even level of German language and of course the main condition for both the options will be that you have a blue card and these were the five most important reasons why i chose Germany to do my masters there are many more reasons to come to Germany to study because it’s a very beautiful country surrounded by all other European countries, Switzerland is nearby, Paris is also nearby and I’m sure you will have your own and if these reasons convinced you then you should also consider doing your masters from Germany.

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