Top five universities in Itlay

In this article i’ll tell you the five best universities in Italy which has high world rankings and affordable tuition fees. I would recommend you to apply into these universities and application fees for these universities ranges from 0 to 50 euros. All the universities that I’m going to mention in this article are public universities and offers need based scholarships which will cover your tuition fees as well as your living costs.

University of Milan was founded in 1924 and the main building of the university is located in Milan inside an urban campus and I have personally visited to this university as well so it is one of the largest university in Europe with about 60,000 students enrolled the university of Milan has 10 schools and offers 140 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It consistently ranks one of the best universities in Italy with overall in specific subject areas, the tuition fees for this university is around 2500 euros per year and the scholarship offered by university of Milan is DSU regional scholarships.

University of Padua was founded in 1222 and is the second oldest university in Italy. The tuition fees for this university is around 2500 euros per year. It is made up of 32 departments comprising schools of agriculture, veterinary, medicine,economics, political science, engineering, medicines and many more and around 60,000 students are enrolled at university of Padua. University of Padua offers many scholarship. Veneto regional scholarship offered by university of Padua.

Sapienza university of Rome was founded in 1303 and is one of the oldest and the largest universities in the world and the top performer in international university rankings more than one lakh students are enrolled at Sapienza and there are more than 350 degree programs and over 350 specialisation and professional programs and it has high level of excellence in Archaeology, Physics, Astrophysics as well as Humanities, Cultural heritage, Environment studies, Nanotechnology, Aerospace. The university fees of this university is around 1000 euros per year and the scholarship offered by university of Sapienza is lazio regional scholarships.

University of Bologna founded in 1088. Bologna university is the oldest university in the world and it has been student centred while attracting prominent figures from science and the arts. It’s teaching catalogue is diversified and tailored to the needs of present-day society offering 221 degree programs
of which 78 international and 62 taught in English, 32 departments and over 87,000 students. The tuition fees of this university is around 2,500 euros per year and regional scholarship are also offered by university of Bologna.

The largest technical University in Europe is Polytechnic Milano which was founded in 1863 and the largest Italian university in engineering, architecture and design with over 45,000 students. The university has seven campuses located in Milan, 12 departments and four schools respectively devoted to research and education. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and higher education courses in Engineering, Architecture
and design. The tuition fees of this university is around 4,000 euros per year and the scholarship offered by this university is DSU overseas.

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