The best country to study for International Students

Which Country, City, Province, College, University is the best. Let’s start with the basics choosing where to study can be a very daunting task with so many options available. Nowadays it is very important to do your research, there are actually a few factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing where to study first of all cost of study second of all cost of living third of all scholarships, financial aid, job perspectives language climate and much more.

It is pretty difficult indeed to say which country is the best ? , which city is the best ? but let’s try and find out so first thing you should be looking at is quality of Education many countries around the world offer high quality education for example Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland. These countries are known for the top ranked universities, guided Edge Technologies and high quality teaching methods. However the most suitable country for you as an International student will be the country that aligns with the personal and academic goals, fits into your budget for example you can study in Europe almost for free literally the Tution fees are like between 200-500 euros per year. When countries like Canada, UK, US, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand the prices start at like 10,000 a year and they go up to I don’t know 100K per year.

You can study in Europe almost for free in countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France but some of them might be very cold countries and you’re right yes, you cannot study for free in a warm country. It is worth noting that while education might be free you still have to pay for accommodation for living, expenses for your bus pass pretty much for everything.

Your tuition fees might be low or even free if you pick Norway, Sweden. The living expenses even going there is pretty expensive but living there save your money. Some countries might be super affordable to live in, some countries might be super expensive to live in but then offer free education but here’s the thing it might be price, to live in a certain city but there might be more jobs and the salaries are going to be so much higher for example Toronto. Living in Toronto is terrible. It’s so expensive compared to other cities for example but the starting salary for a graduate student is around 60k per year. In Halifax, the cost of living might be so much cheaper and you can find an apartment for 1K but then your salary is going to be like 30 to 40,000 a year. I think it all comes up to your personal preferences whether you want to spend that money first and then get a well-paid job and kind of make that money back or if you prefer to save on your accommodation, to save on your housing and then maybe after graduation move to let’s say Toronto and get a decent salary there.

Another important factor to consider is scholarships and financial aid some countries like let’s say the United States of America, they offer fully funded scholarships for example Canada does not offer fully funded scholarships. I mean they do but It’s so much more rare compared to States so when deciding where to study
you need to determine your budget for education so tuition fees for accommodation and you need to decide how Important it is for you to get financial aid. If you have a low budget maybe it’s a better idea to study in Europe and then move to North America or maybe you’re confident about your academic achievements and you want to try and apply to some universities in the US and try to get that fully funded scholarship.

There are actually several countries that offer fully funded scholarships for undergraduate. Which is not the case for example for Canada it is close to impossible to get a fully funded scholarship. If you trying to get your Bachelor’s degree, however nothing is impossible. I personally know a person who got a fully funded scholarship at UBC, for his bachelor degree. I mean if you have strong knowledge and academic excellence you can try otherwise.

If you have a tight budget, try cheaper countries or try cheaper cities and provinces for example countries like Germany offer fully funded scholarships. There is an organization called DAAD. DAAD offers various scholarships even for International students. Norwegian government funds a lot of scholarships, for International students, for undergraduate, for postgraduate, for different programs. Japan has fully funded scholarship for various programs.

Let’s say Norway, the requirements might be different, don’t forget to research specific requirements for the program, for University, College you’re planning to apply for and let’s not forget about cultural and language immersion opportunities because those are very important even though you can study in English, Almost in every single country. In the world, the thing is, if the country speaks another language. You’ll need to learn another language for example Portugal, you can easily study here in English but if you want to stay and if you
want to get your citizenship and don’t forget the cultural aspect for example if you move in from Denmark again to Portugal. You will need some time to adjust to this Southern mentality. Please keep in mind that too
another important factor is job perspectives because who wants to spend so much money on education and then not get a job. You need to do your research before applying for programs, before choosing a country you need to check what jobs are in demand in your field what are the salaries because if let’s say you study, you get your degree and then there are no jobs available, the salaries are super low what you’re gonna do move to another country, go back home like what’s the point and if you’re planning to work while studying some countries allow that too you need to check what’s the minimum wage what are the requirements and limitations working well studying might help you cut some expenses like Transportation, like books, like pocket Money, Entertainment so don’t forget about that too. I almost forgot the most important one immigration Pathways. Some countries like Canada are known for easy and fast immigration except for Quebec while in other countries it might take forever to get your residence permit or even citizenship for example Switzerland.

Even though Swiss education is top-notch they control the immigration so much that is almost impossible to stay to work together. In citizenship, the Swiss government has quotas and they prioritise, Swiss citizens and permanent residents for jobs that makes it super for International student to find a job when they come to Switzerland and let’s not forget about languages. Additionally there are language requirements, High living expenses which will make it super hard for someone to stay in Switzerland and speaking of this called beautiful country. Let’s not forget about climate because it can be a deal breaker trust me I moved from Canada to Portugal and every December I cry, I have like a major seasonal depression that I don’t have snow in this country. I mean there is technically snow in Sarah de Estrella but you know what I mean, there are many students moving from warmer countries to colder countries and then they’re like what is happening, I’ve never seen snow, I’ve never experienced this like what is happening.

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