University of Hamburg Scholarship

The University of Hamburg offers merit scholarship to talented and Desiring students who want to obtain Masters and Doctoral degree programs. Several scholarships are available for different degree programs in various fields. You can find any field of your interest and start studying. All International students are eligible for applying to this scholarship. These scholarships … Read more

Top 10 universities in UK

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland,  which is an island nation of North Western Europe. UK  is an influential centre for finance and culture  and also holds the historic countries of England. The UK gives you the  opportunity to choose from varieties of  universities to study in, which each and every university known … Read more

Top 10 cities in UK for Students

Not all the cities in the UK are equal and when you’re planning your move in, trying to evaluate which university is the best for you, it’s not just the universities you should be evaluating, it’s also the cities that they’re based in after all you will be living in that city for at least … Read more

What are the Culture Shocks when Studying Abroad and How to avoid it?

Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation that can occur when someone travels to a new country or unfamiliar society. It is quite normal when you are exposed to new and unfamiliar environment, and it can be experienced to varying degrees by anyone who travels abroad. Here are a few common examples of culture shock … Read more