Portugal is the Best Country to move with job offer in 2023

In today’s article, we are going to discuss about Job Seeking Visa in Portugal. You can come to these countries for seeking job. You don’t need any Offer Letter beforehand. Meaning, you can be eligible only if you score certain points out of 100. But there is no such point scoring requirement for Portugal Job Search Visa. This is the easiest of all Job Seeking Visas. Under this visa, you can move to Portugal and search for job. The Visa is valid for 120 days i.e 4 months. It is also renewable for further 2 months So, the total validity for you would be 6 months, The best part is there is no age or education criteria As such, whatever job search visas I have seen, skilled workers are given preference. Either you have a good education or degree or you have done a diploma in a particular skill set. The same requirement is here as well. If you have these, you can apply, and you can take a chance otherwise as well. All nationality citizens can apply. You can apply from Dubai, Saudi, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and so on.

I am going to show you a step-by-step practical approach to apply for the visa, along with 2023 update. Many countries have started offering job search visas as they require skilled workers because a country develops and its economy is visible through skilled workers only. For instance, Indian skilled workers go to America and grow their economy The same thing in Portugal and other countries, but they don’t find such people there That is why, they import from overseas.

I have divided this procedure in 3 steps to make it easier.

Firstly, we are going to gather all the necessary documents required to apply for this visa. Although, you won’t see all these documents on the website, but when you’ll go for applying the visa, there you’ll need these documents. Also, it’s better to have more documents in order to make a strong profile.
First document you need is a Passport.

Second, you need 2 photographs of yourself.

Third, your CV, which should be in Europas format. whether you’re applying for job or education in Europe,
the CV should be in Europas format So, it’s easier for them to read your CV.

Fourth, you have to write a cover letter. Cover letter, although not mentioned, you have to write it explaining why you’re applying for the visa along with other details.

Now, important documents are going to begin. You have to get a valid travel insurance The insurance must be of 4 months, because visa validity is 120 days. You can get it prepared online. Next, you need round tape reservation. This is very important, you need to show your flight reservations, from where and when you’re travelling.

For instance, whatever day you’re going to apply for visa, you can show reservations 1 month later to that date. For the round trip, you have to show reservations of 4 months later. So, that’s how you have to book your flight tickets for a round trip. Next is PCC, i.e. Police Clearance Certificate which is used to look at your criminal record. You can get it prepared from the passport office in your region. It takes some time, but it’s essential. If you get it apostilled, that will be much better for you.

Next is Proof of Accommodation Proof of Accommodation is essential because you need to tell the visa officers where you’d reside after reaching Portugal. For this, you can make hotel bookings from Bookings.com or other websites like Agoda, or any other. It totally depends from where you wish to book. You will not have to pay for these bookings initially and you can pay after you’ve reached Portugal. In case your visa gets rejected, you can cancel these bookings too. So, in any way you won’t face any monetary loss. Next, you need to show Proof of Financial Resources. This is to show your financial stability, as in, you have enough money to stay in Portugal for 4 months. For this, the monthly salary in Portugal is approximately 705 Euros. So, you need to show an amount equivalent to that for 3 months which is around 2100 Euros.

Converting it to INR, it will come around 1 lakh 90 thousand So, this much amount must be there in your account. You can show bank statements of 6 months and at the end of the day, when you apply for visa, there must be minimum 2 lakh rupees in your account. If you show more amount, it’s better. For instance, if you show 3 lakh rupees, that’s amazing.

In the 2nd step, you have to fill up some forms. Once all your documents are ready, you need to fill some forms. So, let’s start! First of all, type Portugal Job Seeking Visa on Google and then you have to click on first website itself. Once you click, you’ll find all the details that I have just briefed, all the general documentation and more. You can see the form on the screen. So, you can click over the form, and you’ll find it. And all the forms are available in the description as well. So, you can open forms from there as well. So, translate this job search visa application form in English. You first need to fill your personal details and passport details. After that, you have to mention about your schooling. Whatever your schooling years are, you can mention.

In my opinion, they’re asking for it because they want you to be educated. Next, you have to select five areas in which you’ve had previous experience. So, select the 5 areas. After that, you need to select 3 fields or areas in which you’re seeking job in Portugal. So, select your 3 fields. After that, add your experience, whatever it is, 2 or 3 years. After that, select a language. You can select English, and if you know Portuguese, it’s an add on advantage. After that, checking the boxes for declaration, you can submit this form. Once you submit, you’ll get the declaration over your email within probably 2 days. Based on that declaration, you’ll apply the visa in your home country. This was the first form. Next form that you have to fill is Request for Criminal Enquiry.

You can translate this form as well, and even in this form, you have to fill in your personal details, name, surname, and all. Once filled, submit it. You need to submit it to authorize Portugal to get details of your criminal record, if they wish to. So, that is it. Now third, and most important form. You need to submit this form when you’re applying for visa. So, there will be a National Visa Application form.

Now, the Portugal Job Seeking Visa comes in the Long Term D Category, so you will have to make application for that category. In this also, as you can see on screen, you have to fill in personal details and passport details and so on. Your purpose, email id, telephone number, and so on. You also need to mention the amount you have, cash, bank account, and so on. Lastly, you have to add your signature. That’s it. So, these are the three forms you need to submit.

Firstly, you have to take declaration from IEFP. This is most important because you can make visa application only after their approval. Next you have to fill in criminal form authorization. Lastly, you have to fill your D visa application. Once you’re done with forms and documents, then comes the 3rd step in which we are going to apply for visa. Now, we have gathered documents, filled forms, now, it’s time to apply for visa.Talking specifically about India, you’re going to apply for visa in VFS centers.

These are visa application centers which are collaborated with embassy or consulate. These centers collect your application and forward the same to embassy or consulate. Basically, we have to make the application in VFS Global. In India, the Portugal embassy is located in New Delhi and the consulate is located in Goa Now, the question is whether you’re going to apply for visa in Delhi or Goa? For Delhi, you can make applications from the centers as shown on the screen. As of Goa, there are only 2 centers, Pune and Mumbai, so you can apply from there. But, how would you know whether you have to apply in Delhi embassy or Goa consulate?So, for Goa Consulate, you can apply from here if you’re a resident of Pune, Mumbai, or Union Territory of Daman, or Dadra and Nagar Haveli. In any other case, you have to apply from the Delhi Embassy for which the VFS centers are mentioned on the screen.

For instance, in my case, I belong to MP, so I will apply from New Delhi Embassy. So, now, you know where you have to apply the visa. Now, let’s know how to apply. It’s very easy! Firstly, book appointment with VFS Global Center. Now, you know the center and jurisdiction, so you have to book appointment from there. You will have to book it on VFS Global website. So, you will create an account, set a date, and on that set date, you have to go to the VFS Global office and submit all the documents and forms. So, this is the process. But there are changes too. For instance, if you’re applying through Goa Consulate, you first have to book appointment online and then you can go for physical appointment. Moreover, the online and physical appointment must be same. So, that’s a little difference for Goa Consulate. However, for Delhi embassy, you directly have to book appointment, go and submit your documents, and that’s done.

Coming to the Costing, For costing, you have to pay VFS fees that is 90 Euros. Adding other extra charges, they could be around 2-3 thousand rupees. So, approximately, you’ll have to spend about 10-12 thousand rupees to apply for this visa. Other minor charges include costing for PCC, flight tickets, etc. So, the costing won’t be much and this is one of the most affordable visas to apply for. Once you’ve submitted the application, there’s 1-2 months waiting period and after that you can fly to Portugal and begin your job hunt. Now, here are some tips related to this visa. Firstly, this is for skilled workers. Although, unlike other country visas, this doesn’t specifically require graduation, but you at least must have a skill. For waiters or normal cleaners, they can apply, but it’s better if you have a skill set. For example, skills like graphic designing or video editing, or some diploma in mechanical field, etc., or some skill that general people don’t posses. Additionally, you can make your profile stronger if you show education and work experience of some 3 years. Additionally, if you know Portuguese, it’s an added advantage.

Third Tip: If you have already searched for some jobs, adding those in your application or cover letter will give you an extra edge over general applications. There definitely are going to be many applications. I am going to recommend this visa to my friends and relatives too. Because it’s very easy. Financial requirement is low and there are no as such criteria for age, education, work experience, etc. So, this is one of the best visas.
Another special thing about Portugal is that it’s extremely easy to take PR and residence permit.
In fact, many people come here on tourist visa and get it converted, because here it’s easy to get residence permit from tourist visas as well here. One problem that can occur is Appointment Problem because for Portugal is visa, there has been this issue for a long time. For this reason, VFS Global has also mentioned on its website to not approach through any agent, because they don’t give appointment upon any kind of payment. So, if someone is saying that they’ll get you appointment by payment, don’t do it. It’s a scam.
You just need to keep checking VFS Global website, and once you get the appointment, your 50% work is done. Generally, you’ll get the appointment for 1 month later only. This is all about the entire Portugal Job Seeking Visa.

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