Move to UK without a Job- UK Young Professional Scheme

The Youth Mobility Scheme for India was announced and it was such a brilliant Visa because it allowed
you to move to the UK without a Visa, without needing a job or the sponsor and live and work in the UK that’s quite literally a dream right. The Youth Mobility Scheme for India has been nothing short of a Bollywood movie filled with twists and pants and Eerie silence but as of a few days ago there was finally an announcement on the date which was put forth by all of the news channels and even the high commission.

Indians will now be able to travel to the UK as a part of the young professional scheme and live and work in the UK. The youth Mobility scheme or the young professional scheme is a scheme between the UK and India, which allows young professionals who are basically between 18 and 30 years to move to the UK
and live and work in the UK without a job, without a sponsor.

Now there are limited slots because there are obviously more people who wanted to move to the UK than people that the UK can actually manage so the number of Slots of the ballot has been limited to 3,000 places which is pretty good because it’s more than most of the other countries with the exception of Australia and Canada which has like 6000 but it’s still a pretty good number now since it’s the young professional schemes one of the criteria mentions that you cannot have young children under the age of 18 years or children that are dependent on you financially and you yourself must be between 18 and 30 years so the governments of UK and India decided that the cutoff age for being young is basically 30. The UK government that you can’t support yourself financially while you are in the UK but something else you should know is that
while you are in the UK you don’t have access to public funds.

You will still be eligible to use the NHS because you will be paying an NHS surcharge while you make your visa application as a part of your application. You will also be asked to submit a TB test to ensure that you don’t have TB and one more important thing while you’re on this Visa you are allowed to stay in the UK for up to two years and this Visa cannot be extended. You can switch to different types of visas apart from this Visa but this also means that this Visa is not a pathway to a permanent residency so the two years that you spend in the UK as a part of this Visa will not be counted if you decide to apply for an ILR at a later point in time because like you know if you have to apply for an ILR or a PR equivalent in the UK you have to be in the UK for continuously five years now while you are on this Visa in the UK, you will be allowed to study, you will be allowed to work as long as you’re not a professional sports person or a coach and there are some more criteria the total value of the business equipment, here you should not be more than five thousand pounds, there shouldn’t be any premises you own other than the house that you’re living in and operating your brisk business from and you should not have any employees alright so here’s what you absolutely need to know the date the young professional scheme is supposed to go live is slated to be the 28th of February 2023 as confirmed by the economics times. The official information on hasn’t changed yet but we do really
expect it to change over the next few days because if you go to website right now it still has the old information which says the ballot is not open for India so we do expect the link to be updated as well because the ability to see the link right now. They’re quite specifically said that the Indians should not use this link since the ballot is not open so over the next few days this information should get updated. So let’s discuss about how you can apply on the 20th of Feb. You should be able to visit the website and click on the link and apply for the battle from there if you get selected to apply. You will be allowed to apply as long as you meet all of the criteria after you get the invitation you will have to apply within the time frame that has been mentioned on your invitation.
You’ll also have to provide the unique number for that invitation. To apply now apart from this you will also have to provide a look local police certificate or a local police clearance certificate while stating that you’re of good character and this shouldn’t be issued more than six months before the date from when you apply another thing in order to be eligible you will have to prove that you have an RFQ level 6 and above which is basically a graduate level and above and you will have to provide documents showing that you have actually cleared that and a letter from your college saying that you’ve well attended the course and passed the clause and cleared all of it that’s something you will require as well so keep that in handy now when it boils down to how much it costs the application fee is 259 pounds per person and you will have to pay a health surcharge of approximately 470 pounds but of course you need to check how much exactly it would be for you.

If you aren’t aware, your health surcharge is what helps you get access to the NHS in the UK or the National Health System which basically gets you access to Doctors, apart from this you would also need to have 2530 pounds in your bank account as your savings but I would very very strongly suggest you do as much reading up on this as possible because well you have quite literally just a month left and you need to get all your documents in place all your paperwork in place and apart from that I think it’s really important that you understand what you’re getting into so all the information isn’t in one place unfortunately on .

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