MBA in Malta for Foreign Students

In Today’s post, we will be covering each and every details about MBA in Malta. So friends, whenever we plan to go abroad for study, We only have the English speaking country as an option available to us. That are UK, Canada, US and Australia but there are other option as well which we have not considered. Today I am going to tell you about an English speaking country. If you decide to pursue your MBA from this country, your return on investment will be very high.

Along with a good education, There’s a chance to make a lot of money from here. So, friends, an MBA in Malta lasts one or two years. There are executive MBA, which lasts one year, and the regular MBA, which lasts two years. You can opt for both of the courses.

Let’s talk about Intake. The best part of this country is they provided two types of Intake. Whereas Italy offers only September intake. The available intake in MALTA are February intake and September Intake. The admissions for February intake starts from November. You can start making university application from this month onwards. If I talk about Affordability in these countries like UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA the minimum tuition fees that you have to pay is 10 lakh rupees. Whereas MALTA which is a European Country and Schengen Country as well. In this country you can do your 1year of MBA in 5 lakh rupees. The cost of tuition ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 euros. This is one of the best affordable option that is available to you in Europe . With the advantage of visiting 26 additional countries in Europe, travelling without restriction, and staying there for up to 3 months.

Let’s talk about those colleges and universities which offers MBA. If I talk about general level so there are 3 most reputed colleges and universities

  • University of Malta
  • American university of Malta
  • London School of commerce

These are the colleges and the universities that are available. These are the only options available to you, if you want to do your applications.

Let’s Talk about requirements. You should hold Bachelor’s Degree, your age should be 21 years, minimum grade should be 55%. As such there is no requirement for Work Experience. If I talk about English Proficiency certificate, IELTS, PTE AND TOEFL. This can also be used. If you are not willing to give any of these test you can take help of MOI certificate. You can prepare the MOI certificate from your last college qualification. MOI is the Language used in teaching it should be in English language. This MOI certificate is accepted in some of the universities.These are the basic requirements that you will be needing to apply in the universities.

Let’s talk about the Application part. Above I have mentioned the link of the Universities , where you can do your application part. Once you visit the website you will be able to check all the information available of when and how to apply. You can self Apply to the universities. You will also not required the help of the agent in all of this process. The first step is to read all the requirement. Second step is to fill all your details. Third prepare and upload all the list of documents . Fourth step is to pay the application fees. Application fees would be in between 100 euro to 200 euro. Application fees is little higher but it will be worth it at the end don’t worry. Application fees will be done at the time of the application and the final step is to submit the application. Application fees might differ depending upon the colleges and Universities. MBA programmes are available in a variety of sectors in MALTA, including marketing, HR, and IT.

Let’s Discuss the Job options available to you after MBA. I always ask students about their long-term objectives after completing their MBA. First, they respond, “Business.” Not many students here, in my opinion, get into business when they travel back India. Many students eventually wish to explore for employment opportunities. A small percentage of students are aware of all the work opportunities that are open to them. Following course completion, this is a list of all the job opportunities that are available. You can select the careers in which you have shown interest and achieved specialisation. There are various companies and the best part of the university is that if you check the university of MALTA website you will be able to see the list of the jobs available. This is one of the best thing that University is actually helping you in finding jobs. These are some of the top companies in Malta, which has collaboration with universities. The university can refer graduates to these top firms once they graduate. Every company needs skilled employees, so for this reason, companies often collaborate with academic institutions. Eventually it help students in getting jobs.

Let’s discuss the most significant perk. Not many countries will grant you a work visa or post-study work visa (PSW), but Malta does. This visa is valid for six months and can be used to complete job hunting. You can quickly find job with this, and there are many career opportunities in Malta, particularly in the financial sector.

Let’s talk about the SALARY after MBA. Freshmen’s starting salaries would initially range from 15,000 to 20,000 euros per year. This is the beginning salary range for recent MBA graduates (Freshers) who wish to work in MALTA.

If I talk about CONS:- Application fees is higher and less universities options are available. Rest everything is completely fine. You can have a great ROI, if you are looking forward to invest in your studies.

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