Invest your Talent in Itlay, Scholarship in Itlay

Italy always provide the number one scholarships for the international students and we will talk about a similar opportunity in this article. Through this scholarship opportunity, you can finish your master’s education in Italy, completely free of cost and this scholarship opportunity is called Invest your Talent in Italy and this scholarship is offered by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Two things are important regarding this scholarship, This scholarship is only applicable to Master’s degree
So, if you are applying for a Master’s program, then this scholarship is for you. Sorry to the students who are applying for the bachelor’s program in Italy, they are not eligible for this scholarship. Secondly, the application process for this scholarship has already begun from 25th January 2023 and it will go on until 24 February.

In this article, we are gonna talk about its benefits, requirements that if you’re eligible to apply for this scholarship or not and most importantly, How to apply?

Now, if we talk about its requirements,

  • The first requirements is, only citizens residing in a total of 17 countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship and Thankfully, India is among them.
  • The second requirement is that the students who were born after 1st January 1997 are eligible for this scholarship because through this scheme, they want to attract the youth and that’s the sole reason for this requirement.
  • The third thing is, you must mandatory have a Bachelor’s degree. As I have already mentioned before This scholarship is for Master’s students So, having a Bachelor’s degree is a must for this scholarship application.
  • B2-level English proficiency is the final prerequisite. It doesn’t matter. Its preferable if you’ve taken the IELTS or TOEFL tests, But if don’t have IELTS/TOEFL certificates, then you can prepare a ‘Medium of Instruction’ certificate as well. If you received your previous education primarily in English So these are the only requirements. There are no other requirements, as such on grades or so on So, it is the best thing about this scholarship.

Now, let’s look at How to apply for this scholarship?

To help you understand the application process better you have to visit this link . So, it’ll be easy for you to directly visit this page. A similar interface will be displayed to you, So the first step that we have to follow is that we have to select one course and university. Let’s, first, search for some courses So, you’ll mostly find courses related to three streams that is, Architecture and Design, Economics and Management, and Engineering and Advanced Technologies. So, it depends on your preference.

For example, let’s say, I want to apply for the Economics and Management program Okay? Not gonna mention any titles I’ll directly go for ‘search’ . So there are multiple universities that offers these relevant courses and you will find more and more universities that offers the same course for example, there is an ‘International Management’ course available in Trent and so on. So you have to select a university from here right? and go to the available course and from here on after selecting both the course and the university you’ll be required to complete the application process for that specific course in that university. The portfolio is different for every university here, let’s go to ‘Apply for MIM’ the call is already open for this one. So from here, you can click on ‘Apply Online’ and start the application. So, the first step will be to apply to get an admission now, as soon as you’re done with your application.
The next step will be to apply for the scholarship. The best part in our case is that you won’t need an admission letter in your hand, before applying you can simultaneously apply for the scholarship as well, the important thing is that, in the first step, you have already applied for the university. We have to select a course from the given options Now, I have already mentioned this, in the beginning, if your country is eligible to apply or not?

Let’s first move to the registration page, Initially, you’ll enter your details here and register on this page. After registering, you can search for your desired course or university and fill out the application or before both ways are fine and known to you ,now you’ll move to the ‘fill or edit my application’. If you don’t know Italian, then you won’t have to mention it and mention whichever country you belong to Now, let’s save it alright after saving, this interface will open where you’ll need to upload the documents, the PDF files that you must upload are listed here and for video, you must use MP4 files

I’ll now specify the types of documents that are needed. First of all, I need the final transcripts or Bachelor’s degree or official translation, if the documents are not in English then you’ll need to translate it into English/Italian.

Language Certificate , if as an English language certificate, you have an IELTS/TOEFL/ Medium of Instruction certificate then you can attach that here If you have any certification in the Italian language then you’ll definitely get an advantage and if not, then it’s optional as it is clearly mentioned here so if you don’t upload anything here, then it’s fine.

You’ll have to prepare an application video. So, you’ll have to make a video which should be less than 1 minute and it should be a motivational video that specify why you are applying for this scholarship that’s going to be an important factor guys where you need to describe how your future aspirations are going to benefit Italy then you have to attach your CV and Passport here and after that, save or submit your application. So the application process is quite simple. If you have everything prepared already, then you can submit it in 5 minutes so in this way, you can submit your application and after submission, around the end of June 2023, you’ll get your results via email Now, we have some vital information/ tip that I would like talk about, regarding the scholarship.

Complete the application process for the admission in university first and then move on to the scholarship application because you also have to pick a university.

Secondly, if you’re applying for this scholarship then you will not be eligible for any other scholarships that is offered by the Italian government such as Regional Scholarships, and you’re not even eligible for the Erasmus Scholarship, if you’re getting this scholarship.

Thirdly, students who are currently pursuing their bachelor’s studies and have yet to receive their degree they are not eligible to apply. You have to have your final degree with you. If you have finished your education but your final degree is yet to come then, in that case, you can get a letter from your university stating the date you’ll receive your degree that can be attached to the application but if your course is still ongoing then, sadly, you can not apply.

Fourth is, this scholarship is renewable so you can apply for the scholarship again in your second year so this is all the information that I thought was important for you all and I hope the process is pretty simple even for you and the admission questions are also pretty simple in Italian universities that you can handle all by yourself so what are you waiting for?

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