Important Deadlines to study in Italy

In this article, we are going to discuss the deadlines to study in Italy.

We are going to discuss three things here:

  • Admission
  • Scholarship
  • Visa deadlines.

Coming to the Admission part, So, if we talk about the admission in Italy, then here the major intake is in September. Hence, the upcoming intake is September, 2023 intake. If we talk about the admission timeline, then it starts in November and ends probably in May. Most of the universities are closed in April and those which are left, they will be closed by 30th May. So, we can say that 30th May is the end time for you to do the application for Italy. If you have your documentation ready then you can still do the application. Now, there can be a difference or a variation as well because each university has its own time period of the application. Only about 2-3 universities are there that accept the applications even after 30th May.

Coming to the second part, an important one that is the Scholarship that makes your education free. In scholarship, if we talk about merit-based scholarship, then it totally depends from university to university. Some of the universities start their scholarships in February some in March, and till June their merit-based scholarship is open. Either you have to e-mail the university but now, universities themselves send the mail, that our scholarship is open, you can apply but it’s merit-based. Now, coming to the regional scholarships also known as need-based scholarships. If we talk about their timeline, then it is from June-September. Within June-September you can do application for regional scholarships. You have to do the complete online application, but as there are different regions in Italy, so check their deadlines on their own portal.

If we talk about Visa, which very crucial. Just like I mentioned earlier, that classes starts in October before that you have to arrive in Italy. If we talk about the timeline for Visa then it is from June-November between June-November you can apply, and it takes 40-45 days to get a response from the embassy so, make sure to do application prior.

Most of the students ask me what is the best time?

I always say that August is the best time because if you apply in August then even if it takes 30 days, you will get your visa in September and in October you can freely travel. Talking about the deadlines for the visa, then if you will apply before 30th November, that will be better.

These were some deadlines that I wanted to tell you.

  • In short Admission deadline is 31st May.
  • The scholarship deadline is 9th September.
  • And Visa deadline is 30th November.

This is how I though of deadlines. There might be some variations. You have to consult with your university about that.

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