How to write a Motivation Letter to apply at foreign university, jobs and Internship.

In this article we will discuss how to compose motivation letters, On which things and points you should pay attention to when you compose a motivation letter in order to get a place in a desired university or program. Motivation letters is a required document in order to apply for universities, abroad internships, jobs and different programs in different countries. Where you have to explain your motivation and your reasons of taking part in the program and also you have to explain why you’re a good candidate. When a university receives your application. It receives a set of documents which consist of resume and university transcripts so it only sees your job experience and your grades but it doesn’t see you as a person so a motivation letter is your chance to demonstrate what a unique candidate you are to tell about your values, hobbies, the story of why you’re applying for this program and to show that you really want to get this opportunity
and you also can write about things that you can give to the program.

Create a motivation letter as a marketing document. A marketing document means that it has to represent you so it must be grammatically correct concise and there should only be information which relates to this program so don’t write about everything that you have ever done in your life and you shouldn’t repeat
information from your resume in your motivation letter. so here you have to tell your personal story of why you’re applying for the program and why it’s a logical step in your career in order to reach your big goals start your motivation letter with the most important thing. Your reason of writing a motivation letter so you can start with the sentence like “With this motivation letter I’m applying for a master’s in communication at West Liberty University” so you write that you are applying for the program at this university
and you have to finish your motivation letter with your ex station of what you expect to get from this letter for example I hope to hear from you soon and I hope that I will be accepted for this program. I recommend you not to make your motivation letter longer than one of the half pages and it’s actually better if you make it one page only and now let’s talk how you can exactly compose your motivation letter so step number one is to learn information about this program or university, open their website and learn everything that you can find about them. what are they proud of, what are they valued, why are they famous and if you know this information it will be easier for you to explain in your motivation letter why you have chosen this particular University and this particular program and also by doing this you will show that you’ve done your job, you’ve made a research and that your decision to take part in this program is conscious and that you’re serious candidate, you’re responsible, you’ve made a research, you didn’t take this decision spontaneously
and you will show you a determination and seriousness.

Step number two, learn everything about the requirements of the program or just think about the skills that a successful candidate who will get the opportunity should have write down these skills and think about examples from your life when you demonstrated these qualities for example a program asks for leadership skills so think about situations in your life when you demonstrated leadership skills, maybe you organised your own project, maybe you had an idea and you gathered lots of people around it and you organised meetings or different events these are things that demonstrate leadership skills if a program asks for communication skills think about situations when you acted as a person with good communication skills. Don’t just try that you are a leader with good communication skills that you are responsible you can multitask, these are empty words so you all have to think about examples that demonstrate that you have these skills.

Step number three, show that you are really interested in the program and you’ve already made some steps to succeed in this sphere and you can also tell a story behind your application, when and why you became interested in these topics, in this sphere and what did you do as your hobbies for example when I applied for the university in the US, for TV journalism major, I told that from my very childhood I was interested in cameras and filming in editing videos. So a motivation letter is your opportunity to tell why you became interested in specific sphere and why you really want to get into a particular program. A motivation letter usually have to have 5 to 7 paragraphs. I hope that these tips will help you to compose your motivation letter.

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