How to Study Abroad without taking money from your Parents

Many times people tell me, I come from a middle class family, my father cannot afford this much money, I do not have that much money. People usually think International education is only for the rich people, only for those people who have a lot of money so in this article we will be talking about ways in which you can sponsor your education.

The first most important thing is a scholarship. Everyone knows that scholarships are good but then how do you apply for scholarships is a big task, now for that one very simple thing that you should be doing is going to the university page whichever university you plan to go to and they will have a dedicated scholarship page and apply to all those university scholarships. If you take an admission via an agent he gets commission from the university. Let’s suppose you go to any agent here in Nehru place or you go to an agent in Mumbai. They tell you to go to XYZ university again, there is a difference between a counsellor and an agent. Agent has collaborations with universities, they get your admissions in universities now if you ask that person can I get a scholarship that person is incentive to take maximum money out of you so he can tell you that yes you can get a 25% scholarship or max he can tell you to get a 50% scholarship but nothing more than 50% scholarships but there are ample opportunities out there where you can get scholarships of more than 100% as well. yes more than 100% scholarships are also available. It is a simple thing that more number of scholarships that you apply for, the better are your chances of getting the scholarship, also one more thing there are some scholarships which offer you 5000 euro scholarship or a 5-10 % scholarship. I actually do not like those scholarships again. I’m saying that i do not like those scholarships because I’ve seen the education system since the past five or six years now International education system what they ideally tend to do is they hike up the price and then give scholar sponsorship, scholarship on the same thing so that means you might have already heard about such a topic such a thing that when you go to buy a dress, the dress which was for 100 rupees what they do is they boost the price by 100 and they try to sell it for 200 and then give a
50% discount and sell it for 100. so you do not buy a dress which was 100 but you go and buy a dress which is for 200 but on a 50% discount so exactly they do the same thing on scholarships as well on universities as well. In UK they hike up the fee price by 5% , so if you’re getting a 5-10 % scholarship please don’t be too happy with that because that’s actually not a scholarship that’s just like a Marketing strategy.

The second thing which majorly none of the students know is that let’s suppose you’re good at one subject, you can take any subject which you’re good at now, I can take my example I was very good at finance
now if i’m good at Finance and i’m planning to go for a master’s degree, abroad or a Phd degree abroad you can help the professor now how does that actually work you can reach out to the professors of the university you can tell them that I’ve been teaching students since past xyz months and i am very good at it so i can actually help you and i can also take your classes now why is that important because the universities usually have a budget but on this budget they can only have a professor they cannot have an assistant to the professor but let’s suppose you’re coming as a student so they can give you most of the times what they do is they can give you a very small stipend for it or they can go ahead if you’re very good at it they can go ahead and they can remove your tuition fees altogether give you free tuition plus you might also get a stipend, yes you will be working a bit longer number of hours but you would be working in the same thing and you can actually get this opportunities while sitting at home only. Like when you’re planning to apply for a university you get an admit from the university you know that you’re good at finance you can tell your professor that I am good at this usually happens, this can happen when you go there as well and this can happen before that is it because it happened for me sitting in India only. I did not take the opportunity but this can happen either ways you can become an assistant to a professor if you can demonstrate that you are very good at the subject now how does that help you because you already planning to study that subject either in your Master’s or in your Phd right so if you are already planning to do that a same thing for Bachelors would be a cakewalk for you so it’s like you sort of revise that same thing and just give your professor help with the class and for that you can actually get your entire fee sponsored now this usually helps in a Phd program but I’ve seen this also happening in masters programs as well for masters gets slightly bit more trickier to get the opportunity right sitting at home while applying for the university, yes once you’re in the university very much possible but sitting in India before getting an admit just while getting an admit getting this opportunity might just be a bit difficult but yes this is something very important.

Third thing is part-time jobs now I know you already know that part-time jobs can be done I’m just giving you an idea as to how part-time jobs would work in your favor now so many people in Canada as
well as UK work on minimum wage, now in Canada minimum wage is somewhere around 15 dollars and 15 dollars * 20 is what they work for so that’s somewhere around 300 is what they make but in Canada if you work inside the campus means lots of universities usually have a very big campus now if you’re working inside the campus you can work as many hours as you want the 20 hour work restriction goes away and usually you work 40 hours then so if you can work 40 hours there and you’re making 15 that’s if i’m not wrong that’s 600. Now 600*4=2400 is what you can make working on campus in the university and ideally your living expense comes to somewhere around 1000 dollars. So you can actually sponsor your entire education if you end up getting a part-time job in Canada is it difficult ? absolutely not. It’s not difficult, it is difficult in colleges. College is usually a smaller building it does not have a lot of opportunity lot of places where you can work completely yes it has some places it has some things some job roles of security
and all those things but in a university you will find way many like so many other opportunities where you can work so university Canada that makes sense in terms of partnering so I have seen people who can make money while working part-time as well.

The fourth wave is an Education loan now many people tell me I do not think education loan is a wise decision. I do not think that I can repay my education loan that’s like a big major thing and third thing majorly people say is are you sure that i should take an education loan because i will be starting for 3-4 years. I will not be able to pay this education loan within these 3-4 years and then I’ll come out of college with a debt on my hand with a debt i will come out of my college with a negative balance sheet so does that make sense ideally when you’re taking a debt you should be very sure about what you’re going for and if that has job opportunities or not that’s a very important thing now the best thing that you are doing right now while you’re taking a debt is investing in yourself which is the biggest asset if you think that you can take a debt for your house. I would rather take debt for my education rather than take a debt for my house because I know that my education can yield me 100 at least thousand times better results than a house so it when you’re thinking about debt for education consider it like this would you rather take a debt for your house or take debt for this education degree because at the end of the day if you do not believe in yourself i do not think taking an education that would make sense because if you’re so sure that you’re gonna leave whatever you’re studying you’re gonna leave the degree you’re not gonna get a job you will flunk. I guess you need to first of all focus on your priorities, you need to first of all understand where you like and then decide to go abroad because if you have the money even if you have the money even if all these first three steps you can somehow manage. If you’re not sure what you’re doing I don’t think, it makes much sense.

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