How much you can earn from highest paying companies in UK

So BMWX3 starts at about 40,000 pounds in the UK and if you’re looking to buy an apartment in London then you are looking at paying worth of 500 to 600,000 pounds just for an apartment and that’s a lot of money if we’re being really honest but it’s also a dream a lot of people have when they move to the UK to get the dream house. They’ve always dreamt of to get the car they’ve always wanted and to be able to live comfortably for that to happen you need to be making big bucks so today we’re looking at the top payers in the UK market and how much money you can make approximately if you work for one of them ?

Today we’re counting down the top 10 employers in the UK bases. How much money you stand to make from them that’s right. The employers in the UK who paid the most amount of money if you’re based out of India you’re probably wondering how this impacts you. A lot of these companies are licensed sponsors which means they are able to offer you visas to move to the UK to do your job, if you’re really good at it even if you live in India which means you can apply if they have job openings based out of India and they will provide you with a visa. We’ll be looking at the total amount of money they make which includes tips bonuses and commissions all over and above their base salaries.

Royal bank of Canada paid a median total compensation of 85,000 pounds for the year and an average base salary of 70,000 pounds, a year investment banking analysts at RBC were making about 84,000 a year, a Director at RBC makes about 143,000 pounds a year, a software developer makes a whooping 100,000 a year a financial analyst makes about 61,000 pounds a year, a project manager makes about 85,000 pounds a year and an analyst makes about 54,000 pounds a year.

At number nine you have Mckinsey and company, the consulting giant Mckinsey and company came in ninth with an average pay of about 85,000 pounds, a year and a base salary for about 84,000 pounds a year. If you are an associate partner at Mckinsey you can make about 2,12,000 pounds a year which is a lot
Management consultants make about 103, 000 pounds a year, Senior Analysts make about 64,000 pounds a year, An engagement manager can make up to 138,000 pounds a year, A Business analyst can make 50,000 pounds a year and a consultant can make 80,000 pounds a year.

Research and Tech company G research came in next with an average pay of 85,000 pounds a year as its total compensation and a base salary of 80,000 pounds a year, A software engineer at G research makes
about 108,000 pounds a year and a senior software engineer makes a lot more 150,000 pounds a year, software developers make about 140,000 pounds a year quantitative researchers make about 155, 000 pounds a year, Devops engineers make about 100,000 pounds a year and a Cloud engineer can make anywhere from 72k to 150,000 pounds a year recruiters make about 52 to 99,000 pounds a year.

Moving on to number seven VMWARE. The tech company VMWARE came in next with a median total compensation of 85,000 for the year and a medium base salary of 75,000 for the year a senior manager at vmware stands to make about 116,000 a year, A systems Engineer makes about 58,000 a year, Software engineers make about 68,000 a year, Senior consultants make about 90, 000 a year, Sales managers make about 143,000 a year and a senior systems engineer makes about 104,000 a year.

The social media giant Facebook now known as meta. Meta paid its employees a total median salary of about 86,000 pounds a year and a median base salary of 78,000 pounds a year, Software engineers at this giant make about 90,000 pounds a year, A Senior Software engineer makes about 121,000 pounds a year, Production engineers make about 108,000 pounds a year. Product managers make about 114,000 pounds a year, Product designers make about 90,000 pounds a year and a product design manager makes about 114,000 pounds a year.

Credit Suisse the investment banking firm came in next with an average pay of 87,000 pounds a year and a median base salary of 78,000 pounds a year, management directors hold your breath were paid about 475,000 pounds a year, Project managers made about 84,000 pounds a year, Directors made about 180,000 pounds a year VPS made about 122,000 pounds a year, An analyst here makes about 59,000 pounds a year and an investment banking analyst makes about 71,000 pounds a year.

The Investment banking firmStandard Chartered came in next with an average pay of ninety thousand and a median base salary of about eighty thousand pounds. A director here makes about hundred and 25,000 pounds, A senior consultant can make anywhere from hundred and two thousand pounds to two hundred and nine thousand pounds. Analysts make about 45,000 pounds, Associate directors make about 84,000 pounds, A quantitative developer makes about 110,000 pounds. If you are a senior project manager you can make up to 140,000 pounds and a client manager can make 73,000 pounds.

Consulting firm Kearney came next with a median compensation of about 90,000 pounds and a median base salary of 83,000 pounds. An associate here makes about 96,000 pounds, A manager makes about 136,000 pounds, A senior business analyst makes about 58,000 pounds. Management consulting associates make about 96,000 pounds, Project managers make about 134,000 pounds and principal consultants can make anywhere from 179,000 pounds to 222,000 pounds.

The second highest pay master in the UK is the Man Group. The investment management firm the Man group was listed second with the total median compensation of 93,000 pounds and a median based salary of 85,000 pounds. The head of strategy investment management at Man group can make anywhere from 187,000 pounds to 201,000 pounds a year. A director can make anywhere from 151,000 pounds to 180,000 pounds. A quantitative analyst makes about 110,000 pounds, Software engineers make about 89,000 pounds and senior engineers make about a hundred and three thousand pounds.

At the top of the list is Salesforce. The cloud software firm Salesforce with its median total compensation at a hundred thousand and a million base salary at 73,000 pounds a year. It was also ranked as the top employer to work for in the UK in 2021. VPS at Salesforce are paid approximately 231,000 pounds a year, Account executives make about 129,000 pounds a year, Senior account executives make about 169,000 fans a year, A director at Salesforce can make 159,000 pounds a year, lead solution engineers are at 124,000 pounds a year, a customer success manager can make 52,000 pounds a year and a solutions engineer can make 82,000 pounds a year.

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