DAAD Scholarships to study in Germany

If you’re planning to study in Germany. DAAD is amongst the best scholarships that you can apply for, so what are the things that you get in this scholarship.

First of all, it’s just for masters and Phd students but the kind of benefits that you get in this scholarship are absolutely amazing, first if you’re going for graduation you will be getting 861 euros every month, yes for masters you’ll be getting 861 euros and for Phd or a post doctoral you will be getting 1200 euros per month.

Second it would also be giving you a travel allowance to travel from India or your home country till Germany and back home so a two-way ticket, one to come to Germany second to go back that will also be covered.

Third ideally when, you study in these international destinations your health insurance also takes you a toll like it’s expensive that will also be covered and apart from that there are two to three other types of insurances that will also be covered in this scholarship.

Fourth, you’re traveling to a new country you will be getting one time allowance to move and settle.

These are the things that you will definitely be getting but apart from that there are a few other things that you might just get so what are those things, you might just get rent subsidy, Yes you might get subsidy on the rent that you’re paying in your apartment. You’ll be getting a stipend definitely but you will be getting a rent subsidy also but this is not definite, in some cases yes you do get that and in many cases You might not get it.

Let’s discuss about the eligibility criteria:

First, either you need to know English or German. Let’s suppose you have a German A level certification or any other level certification, B1 level certification. You can go for a German taught course otherwise if you’re going for an English certification you would need your TOEFL or your id score.

One thing that many of Indian students might not be happy with is that it needs a four years of Bachelor’s degree and ideally we have a three-year bachelor’s degree. How do I get a four-year bachelor’s degree. We can show work experience and many times it helps you apart from that if it is specific work experience in a specific field it definitely helps you.

Apart from that if you’ve already done a Master’s you can go for another Masters that also gets accepted as four years of degree so let’s suppose you’ve done a three year degree plus you’ve done a Master’s now
you’re planning to do another Master’s or a Phd that also works but if you’ve just done a three-year degree. I would recommend you to apply for it because what’s stopping us from applying to these all these scholarships nothing right so we will be applying for it but then our chances are slightly lower then you should be coming from a country that is eligible for the scholarship.

Also candidates need to have two years of work experience so this is the entire eligibility criteria if you’re eligible for it. I’m pretty sure getting the scholarship might not be that difficult. Yes i’m telling you it might not be that difficult because there are many DAAD scholarships available.

What are the documents required to get this scholarship ?

First, a signed DAAD application form with the current date.
Second, personally signed CV.
Third, personally signed letter of motivation with reference to the current occupation whatever you’re doing.
Fourth, letter of recommendations from your current employer the letter must have letterhead a signature and an official stamp.
Fifth, certificate of employment which would show that yes you have worked in a company for two years.
Sixth, proof of language now that can be your IELTS score or that can also be your TOEFL score.
Seventh, copies of academic degrees.
Eighth, copy of academic transcripts so if you have received your degree that degree or a provisional degree and marksheets.

Let’s discuss about the courses that you can go for:

There are a bunch of courses that you can go for. You can either go for Economics, Science, Law & Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Art design, Engineering and Natural sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences language and Cultural studies, Mathematics, Natural science, Medicine, Health sciences.

If you want to know about the application process it is not that tough. Let’s discuss about the application procedure.

Now, first choose the suitable course of your interest maximum you can choose three.
Second apply to universities offering those courses.
Third, send your complete application along with all the documents mentioned above.
Fourth, selection committee suggests potential candidates for DAAD scholarship, if suggested candidates will be contacted by DAAD to upload their complete application on the portal. The selection process will be finalized and the suggested candidates will be informed accordingly and if you are eligible you will be getting the scholarship.

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