Best Country to visit in Europe in 2023

There is a Schengen zone, also known as a travel-free area, in Europe, and it includes  total 26 countries. This means that if you have a visa for any one of the 26 European countries, you can travel to the remaining 25 countries visa-free. The reason that i want you to visit Croatia is because of the visa ratio is which is almost 97%.

They mention every piece of information on this site, which is also visible on the screen. For the work permit, they have received almost 1 lakh applications. The best aspect is that you can view all the facts directly on the official government website.

As you can see on the screen, these are the jobs that the people are most interested in, and work permits have been issued more often for these jobs. This is the best aspect that I like about Croatia that everything is being transparent and shown in the web page. During the past two years, a lot of Asians have begun to immigrate to this country and work.

Let’s discuss about finding a job in Croatia and submitting an application. The website that is the best resource I found while searching is (expatincroatia). One of the major guides that has all the information in it. This guide includes all the details on how to find jobs, including Word of Mouth, Facebook groups, links for applying jobs, and numerous websites or job portals where you may begin the application process. This guide offers all the instructions you need to begin using your application. In Croatia, the government is quite helpful in assisting you in locating employment. You may start applying for jobs from these websites, and the best part is that you can get all the company information there. You can check their email addresses and send them your CV right away plus a cover letter. In Croatia, jobs are simple to find. Mostly companies do provide you the accommodation and insurance, but in some cases companies might not provide you the accommodation. So in terms of extra expenses that you will have to bear is your food, else your insurance, medical and accommodation the company will be sponsoring you.

Let’s discuss salary. 723 Euros is the minimum monthly wage in Croatia. Croatia uses the KUNA as its currency. You will definitely earn 52,000 in INR. The average wage in Indian rupees would be between 50,000 – 60,000. In terms of costs, if the company does not provide accommodation for you, your living expenses would be around 15,000. You can easily save 40,000. I’m aware that a lot of people in India earn around 40,000. However, this is for individuals earning 10k, 15k, or 20k. People who want new exposure, new lifestyle, those can easily apply in Croatia. You may discover all the necessary jobs information on the website. Croatia is actively looking for job seekers and applicants. These are the positions that are open in Croatia, and employers are looking for someone who can begin working immediately. The work permit is then issued by the government. Every country experiences frequent gaps where it become difficult to fill positions with its own citizens. This is the rationale behind their recruitment of workers from third countries. Regarding hiring, they are quite active. The sole purpose of jobs is to fill open positions. You are now aware of how to look for a job.

Let’s now discuss how to begin applying for a work permit. As soon as you get job. 1st step- is that you get the employer who helps you in making the Employment contract. As soon as the employment contract is prepared. The second stage is when your employer asks you to take a labour market exam. Online application will be made for Labour test. If you are planning to come for these jobs those who don’t have the skill deficit in Croatia. For them there is no requirement for the Labour test. However, if you apply for other positions in a different field, the employer will need to conduct a labour exam. Prior to recruiting any citizens of a third country, they must first inform the Croatian government of the position. The second thing the Croatian government does is search for persons in Croatia to see if they are qualified for the position or not. They start asking CV and Cover letters from there citizens and forward them to the employers. If employers see that some people has the skill set required for job, they finalise the things there itself. If the skill set doesn’t work out. When the employers are unable to shortlist their own candidates for this position, they hire third-country citizens to fill the position. After your labour test is finished. The third step is when your employer asks MUP to approve your Croatia work visa.

As you are able to see the documents on the screen. You have to attach these documents at the time of the application this will be done by your employer. They will assist you in creating your application using their email address, login ID, and password. Next, let’s discuss step four. Where your work permit approval will take place. It rarely takes 8 to 12 weeks, or roughly 2 months. Following that, you can begin applying for visas from your native country.

Now lets discuss about the costing. If you get in contact with the direct company it may cost you around 0 to 20K-40K INR. In which you have to pay your visa fees. If you get in touch with any agent as of now the charge for Croatia agent is around 5 lakh which you will have to pay. This is all about costing.

Lets talk about my opinion in terms of Croatia. For those who only need a visa to travel overseas, I would advise choosing this country. The first disadvantage, in my opinion, is the language barrier. You should be able to speak English. Its own national language is called Croatian. Everybody speaks in Croatian. You might find this to be difficult. Once in Croatia, you must learn this language to communicate with locals there. As you all assume, travelling overseas will enable you to make an salary of up to one or two lakh. The average wage in Croatia is between 50,000 and 60,000. Depending on experience, this salary may change. The third drawback is the limited scope. Some problems that you might face is Language barrier and even you have to compromise in terms of salary. If in this nation you joins the Schengen area, There will be a lot of opportunity and a significant pay raise. It’s all about the negatives here. Now, if I were to discuss its positive aspects. It has a 100% visa acceptance rate. Additionally, you can look at government statistics. Second, the process is simple. You may simply travel to Croatia because each step only takes 3 to 4 months to complete. If I were to compare other countries, they might take 8–9 months or even up to a year for all work or visa related approvals. This is all about my opinion in terms of Croatia. It is very easy to apply for the jobs, easy to take work permit.

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