Best Country to Study in 2023

I can say that Italy could be the best option for you all to study in 2023 , if you want to visit European country for study purpose. Why i am saying this, it has multiple reasons. Just as humans require food, clothing, and a place to live in order to survive, same as international student think when considering studying abroad, individuals have several questions such as :

1. Whether He/she will receive a quality education there ?

2. Will he get top university or not ?

First reason is free education. Money is very important when you spend 10 lakh – 2 lakh in other countries and you don’t get anything in return and you get disappoint by that, I have seen many students like this and here you don’t have to pay the Tution fees in public universities. This is the biggest add on advantage of Italy
is you don’t have to pay Tution fees in advance. You don’t have to pay any tuition fees until you have your visa. In some university you have to pay the regional tax which is around 1000 Rs to 13000 Rs. This amount is in rupees so friends unlike other countries like Germany and Canada, In these countries you have to open a block account in which you have to deposit 10-15 lakh rupees in which you can withdraw in parts and your amount gets blocked somehow for a year. In Italy you do not have to face this kind of issue there is no such requirement of block account only in case of visa you have to show the amount and you can withdraw that amount too after receiving your visa. Here you will be getting full flexibility in these terms and the most important part if you are coming in international country you will be thinking of the quality education.

In terms of quality education you don’t believe Italy has one of the oldest university which is University of Bologna, you can also search in google and there are 30 universities which come under the 500 QS ranking with this you can think how the education system in Italy. Itlay focuses more on practicality.

I have decided some parameters such as Tution fees, living cost, after study opportunity, cost of education
now we will discuss all these parameters.

Are you eligible to study in Italy?

It has very less or bare minimum requirement :

  • 1st is you should have 55% in your latest degree.
  • If you are coming for Bachelors then 55% in 12th
  • If you are coming for Masters then 55% in bachelors

I have seen admission in 47% as well these are the two basic requirement. Additionally you can prepare your CV, SOP and LOR you can prepare later on as well. If you have a age gap there is no issue in Europe, no age gap issue in European Countries. If you are freshers no problem at all. You can easily come here for Masters there is no such barriers. Here many universities gives admission without IELTS as well. IELTS is the biggest hurdle for International students to come.

Let us discuss about Tution fees.

When compared to other nations, such as the UK, USA, Canada, minimum fees of this country starts from 10 lakhs rupees and you have to pay this much amount with regards to this, If I talk about Italy Public universities in Italy, Tuition fees is around 1000 Euro to 4000 Euro. If I convert it in India Rupees than it would be around 80,000 Rs per year fees. If I talk about private universities, Tution fees of private university is around 6000 Euro to 20000 Euro if I convert it in Indian rupees it would be around 5 lakh to 15 lakh around.

Public university is best and everyone there gets the admission. This is the only reason we will only apply to public university and one more thing, no one will tell you when you will land in Italy as a student, you will apply for the ISEE certificate with the help of this your tution fees gets completely waived off.

What is ISEE certificate?

As a student we don’t have any income i.e it is 0 on the basis of this the Tution fees of public university

1000 to 4000 Euro that also gets waived off. You only have to pay regional tax which is around in Rs it will be around 1000 to 13000 Rs which is cheaper than India.

Lets talk about Scholarships

There scholarship is not like that if 100 students apply so only 5 will get. If 100 applications is there then 100% chance of getting the scholarship is there if you provide correct documentation.

If we talk about benefits of scholarships. There are multiple benefits. Tution fees gets completely waived off which can also be waived off with the help of ISEE certificate. Secondly, you will be getting 6000 Euro in your bank account , if i convert it in Indian rupees then it will be around 5 to 5.5 lakh rupees. With the help of this scholarship, you will be getting the benefit of accommodation fees waive off and canteen services fees waive off in the university hostels.

There are two types of scholarship which is available. One is Merit based scholarship and other is Need based scholarship.

In Merit based scholarship you have to score good i.e high grades are require and in need based scholarship, if you have less income then you will be receiving this Need based scholarship. Mostly students here apply for the Need based scholarship. If i discuss about the Merit based scholarship, there are 3-4 types of scholarship.

1st is Invest your talent in Italy scholarship.

2nd is MAECI scholarship.

3rd is University specific scholarship.

Every university has there own merit based scholarship. If I talk about need based scholarship. It depends upon the region, there are 20 regions in Italy. Every region has its different scholarship portals. In that particular region you will be applying to the universities.

Lets talk about cost of education? how much it will cost you ?

Lets take 2 example with scholarship and without scholarship

Without scholarship let’s suppose the tuition fees is around 1000 euro. Living cost if I calculate which includes your travel, accommodation and food total will be around 6000 Euro. If I convert in Indian rupees then tuition fees is around 1 lakh living cost around 5 lakh rupees total 6 lakh rupees in which your tution fees get waived off with the help of ISEE certificate whether you have scholarship or not. In an year the expenses would be around 5 lakh rupees. If you don’t have the scholarship it is of 1 year.

If I talk about with scholarship. you all get paid to study in Italy. In that case your Tution fees get 0. In terms of managing the living cost government provides 6000 euro per year in this case the amount would be 0 but you have to bear the initial cost which is flight tickets, shopping, if coming through an agent then their charges and from starting 2-3 months you have to bear your own expenses till the time you don’t get scholarship initial cost you have to bear is around 2-3 lakhs. Cost of education i think is quite clear to you.

2-3 lakh will be your total expenses even tho you will be getting free education. Most important, after jobs opportunity as soon as you complete your education. You will be getting 1 year of job search visa in which you can search job in another 26 countries. For example, If you have completed your degree in march 2022 and as of now i am on job search visa. You can apply jobs in any of these 26 countries like Denmark, Sweden etc. You can visit these countries and search jobs over there and apply work permit and can start working there. Now if you compare it with other countries if you went in UK you will be eligible to apply jobs only in UK jurisdiction. If you completed your degree from Italy then you have 26 other countries in which you can go and search for a job the area get bigger in terms of finding jobs and you wont be facing any issue in the job searching as well.

In terms of settlement, many students come over here to get settle PR you will be getting after 5 years. 2 years of your course, 3-4 years you will spent of your work visa then you are eligible to apply for the PR which is also known as permanent residency.

If i talk about my opinion then positives are most affordable option is there, no other country in today’s date can offer you education in this less state 2nd quality education, here you will be able to find the oldest university. They tend to focus more on practicality. You don’t have to compromise in terms of education. You can easily get settle down over here can apply PR after 5 years. It is a safe country one more thing you don’t need to learn the Italian language the courses taught here are in English language itself and there is no need of learning the language from the start itself unlike other countries, to get admission you have to be familiar with there local languages.

If I talk about negatives. Italy admission process is a very lengthy process for example admission for September 2023 is open now and you will go in September 7-8 months it will take for all this process. You will apply for Admission Pre-enrolment application scholarship application and the final last step is Visa application.

The major intake that you will get is September intake which is a lil bit problem and the third is if you coming here to do your bachelors. The funds that you have to show for the visa is 15 lakh rupees for bachelors. For masters you have to show minimum 10 lakh rupees. These funds sometime create barriers. If you pass this barriers by arranging funds from relatives, taking bank education loan you can study here for free. Then no one will be stopping you to coming here to study. Else it is a beautiful country people over here are the most friendliest people, I have ever met in any countries.

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