Best Country in Europe to work in 2023

Generally speaking, there are numerous countries where you can earn a significant amount of money. However, entering these nations is not that simple. Germany, Sweden, and Denmark are nations where you may make a good living but if you are from India, Pakistan, or Dubai, entering Europe will be challenging. I’ve narrowed down a few countries where you may travel freely, find plenty of work, and make a respectable living.

The article is entirely about MALTA. I personally have experience working in Malta and I am familiar with their workplace culture. MALTA is a small island that is close to Italy. Although it is a little nation, it is an English-speaking nation in Europe. The benefit is that you do not need to learn a new language in order to visit this country. If you travel to Germany, you should be able to speak German, and if you go to Norway, you should be able to speak Norwegian. This is the biggest problem that some people have because, in Europe, some nations speak their own languages in addition to English. Although MALTA has its own national language known as MALTESE, English is preferred more so that you won’t have any trouble speaking with English speakers there.
The best thing about Malta is that not only highly skilled workers come here to work many people who dropped out of school and are still employed there are also present. I have also met a lot of Indian workers here. I can speak from personal experience. If you want to visit MALTA for work purpose then MALTA could be the best option for you.

Friends, there are two or three things that you will think about if you want to travel abroad for work.
First, the application procedure must be simple for me to complete second, the pay must be competitive third, there must be open positions for jobs and last, there must be no language barrier. Malta is therefore the ideal place to work in terms of all of these aspects. So let’s discuss the salary. Your starting pay as a new employee (freshers) will be between 5 and 6 euros. Depending on the type of work you do, you will receive between 5 and 7 euros if the work is high-skilled, you can easily make 7 euros per hour. If I compute it on a monthly basis, you may easily make between 1200 and 1500 euros each month. This sum is for people without any prior expertise.

If you have experience, if you could work in Malta for at least a further one to two years, then your salary after that would be, somewhere around in the range of seven to ten or seven to nine euros. You may easily make up to 2000-2500 euros a month. In India, however, not even a highly skilled expert makes a living. This is the power of MALTA that salary here is attractive to many nationals.

The second point is that while jobs are not readily available in many countries in Europe, particularly those with high unemployment rates like Italy. This is not the case in MALTA, where there are numerous career opportunities due to the country’s fame as a tourist destination. I have met a lot of people, and each one of them is employed. Asians are highly valued because they work extremely hard and are employed by everyone because do they don’t see the time around how long they been working. They can work upto 12 hours 13 hours, but this does not happen in Malta. They aim to better combine work and personal life by offering less working hours. The fact that there are many work opportunities is what I like best about Malta. When it comes to employment opportunities, it’s not just individuals with degrees or MBAs who may find work even those without these qualifications can find work in certain fields, including delivery. Asians employed here in delivery jobs generally lack formal education.

If I discuss about requirements, you should be able to speak English. so that you can more easily comprehend what they are attempting to say. If I speak generally about Asians, those who are from Pakistan or India, there are numerous opportunities accessible if I talk about low skills. Where are these persons employed, and what industry do they work in? I have observed numerous Indians performing delivery work here. Although I am unable to provide a precise statistic, 60% of  Indians are employed in delivery employment. Numerous Indians just come to our country for delivery work. When it comes to occupations like factory employees, construction workers, housekeepers, and hotel staff, Indians are very prevalent in these industries. If you have a degree, there are a number of additional considerations.

Lets discuss about most demanding jobs in Malta. In MALTA, the IT sector has the most in-demand jobs. If you are from the software or gaming industries, working in the IT sector will be an excellent choice for you.
It is in high demand. You don’t need an agent’s assistance with this. You can immediately apply on the company website. Your interview will be taken by the company after it has been successfully completed. You may visit Malta. The healthcare sector is the second-largest industry. Asians make about 60% of the healthcare workforce in Malta. There is opportunity for nurses and doctors. However, there are numerous opportunities for nurses. The majority of the nurses are from Kerala. Finance is the third sector back when I was employed in MALTA. People there ask me if I have an accounting certificate of any type. I can work here with no problem. The pay in this industry is really high. Here, the sector that is most demanding is finance.
The tourism industry is, as usual, another demanding one you can work in the hotel and restaurant industries. Given that Malta is a small island and that it is primarily a tourist destination, European visitors travel to Malta to enjoy their vacation. These are a few of the popular industries where you might begin applying for jobs.

Now lets talk about Unemployment rate. In Europe the lowest unemployment rate is 3% in MALTA. Three individuals out of 100 who are unemployed else 97% of the people have jobs in there hands. This is the reason that job opportunity in MALTA is high. Those 3 individuals who don’t want to do anything are only unemployed. otherwise, everyone in Malta has a job. There are many available positions and vacancies.
I’ve observed numerous Maltese people doing two jobs during various shifts. Chef jobs would be in the morning, while construction tasks would be in the evening. Like this they maintain their work life.

Let’s discuss the simple procedure. The benefit you will receive in this country is lower work permit fees than in other nations. First, if you apply directly, without using an agency, the fees will be  280 euros.
Sometimes, the employer will cover your costs. If so, you would also receive a free work permit. If you are applying from India, the visa price is approximately 66 euros. Two months are needed for processing. Normally, it takes 15 business days, but the actual time is closer to two months. Additionally, early interviews do not occur. Now, interviews are quite rare. This is all about where in Malta you can land without difficulty. Which is the most important point.

Let’s discuss the most crucial aspect of the English language. You’ll understand the value of the English language once you visit. I’ve been to Italy, Hungary and Spain. In each of these nations, the native tongue is very important as compared to English language. The main problem in other European nations is that If you’re interested in working , you should have knowledge of their native tongue otherwise it will be difficult for you to acquire employment. However, in Malta, 97% of the population is able to speak English and for this reason you won’t have any linguistic barriers.
I have observed numerous work permits and numerous individuals engaged in delivery labour over here. Many Indians work in this country as chefs, waiters, dishwashers, and cleaners these positions are open to people with low skill levels. High skilled workers are employed in the IT, Financial, or Medical fields, such as those of a doctor or nurse. The majority of Asians can be found in this area.
In terms of employment, Malta is the best nation. Malta is the ideal location for business. Finding an employer who will assist you in obtaining a work visa is the first thing you need to do. Once you accept assistance from the employer, everything will be taken care of and you won’t need to do much.

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