Admissions for September 2023 Intake, Study in Itlay

In this article we are going to prepare you for the next study intake in Italy! Right now, visas are being issued for the September 2023 intake. This is the time for you to start the preparation then you can appear for the September 2023 intake. If you want to apply for the September 2023 intake, you have to start the preparation 9-10 months prior.

Calls get open like first call, second call and third call, if you have low grades and your desired course is an MBA then I’ll suggest you to apply within the first call as the seats get filled within the first call in that case you won’t have the option for the second and the third call if you have low grades or any weakness in academics, then apply in the first call.

Admissions for Polimi are open. Next is University of Macerata, and many other universities will open their admissions, most probably, by mid January and February almost every university will open its admissions
before that we have to prepare our documents then only, you’ll be able to apply as soon as the admission opens, there are certain documents that you’ll be required to attach during the time of the application.

Let’s discuss those documents:

First is a passport it is a mandatory document, you can’ apply for passport on the basis of PAN or Aadhar Card. You can apply for it and will receive it in 15-30 days sometimes it might take 1 month as well to avoid any problems during application, prepare the passport prior.

Second is , you should have all your educational documents. If your degree is not completed yet, you can prepare a Bonafide certificate by the university, you have completed your education. If you have your provisional degree then you can do the application on that basis so, you should have all your educational documents.

Third is the Europass CV now, when you are applying in Europe, so, you have to prepare your CV from Europass website through this you can prepare your CV according to the European standards

Fourth is the English proficiency certificate. There are two ways, either you can prepare a Medium of Instruction certificate to go without IELTS. You can get that prepare by your previous educational institutions
in that, it is mentioned that your previous education has been pursued in English Language second option is for IELTS if you want to make your profile stronger then you can opt for IELTS, it will require a preparation of 40-45 days and will cost you around 14,000 rupees but at the end it’s worth it. If you want to appear for IELTS, do it now, so that you can prepare in 40-45 days and appear for it as well and by the time, you’ll do your application you’ll have your IELTS result with you.

Next is LOR. You’ll need two letter of recommendations from your professor, of your previous educational institutions. It will be mentioned in these letters, that you were a brilliant student and you submitted your projects on time and good things about your character. You can get it written by any two professors as you’ll need to upload this at the time of the application.

Next is photo, it’ll be better if you’ll have a formal photo and last is your SOP which is Statement of Purpose, also called as Cover Letter or Motivation Letter. Get this prepared prior for example, if you are targeting five universities. Five different SOPs will be required. if courses are different then they need to be modified accordingly So, do this course and university selection beforehand and accordingly prepare your SOPs because SOPs will help you on getting the admission. Most of the students will be academically strong, will have grades or IELTS but what you mention in the SOP is very important. Now, let’s talk about some entrance examination GRE, and GMAT are optional, if you want you can opt for them even without GRE and GMAT you can get admissions in the top universities. For under-graduation exams like SAT and TOLC, it will make your profile stronger. If you find SAT costly, then you can opt for TOLC which will cost you around 3000 rupees. If you want to go for engineering, then definitely you should give TOLC. You should be prepared for these exams. Most probably you’ll have all your documents by January and start applying from February. If you want you can do the application right now as well. you can do some CV enhancement courses from the online platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. These online courses will give an edge to your CV and the Pro-Tip is that if you can do an Italian Language course that will make your profile stronger.

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